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Last Update: 1/11/05
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Welcome to ScaleAIR!  The focus of this site is the presentation of scale models of modern jet aircraft, with a special focus on the aircraft of VF-84/VF-103 "Jolly Rogers".  Future updates will also cover various modern aircraft in the US inventory, such as the A-10, F-15, and others, as these are my main areas of interest .  I'm also happy to be hosting model articles from some of my friends.  For the most part, we'll be staying with the focus of modern aircraft, although eventually, the entire history of the Jolly Rogers will be featured in scale. 



Article contributions of Jolly Rogers aircraft (all eras) are always welcome - follow the Contact link above to drop me an e-mail.


Stay tuned for details about the ARC F-14 Group Build - coming January of 2005.  Let's make this ARC's biggest and best group build yet!


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